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Voir aussi http://ec.europa.eu/europeaid/how/evaluation/index_fr.htm

Le document de référence : Handbook for Results-Oriented Monitoring of EC External Assistance (projects and programmes)

Any enquiry and / or suggestion about this handbook should be addressed to:

  • European Commission/ EuropeAid
  • E5 - Quality monitoring systems and methodologies
  • Rue de la Loi, 41, Office: 09/42
  • B-1000 Brussels, Belgium,
  • Alexandra.CHAMBEL-FIGUEIREDO@ec.europa.eu

Prabablement que vous pouvez obtenir un PDF du manuel à cette adresse. Si non, deamdnez le nous.


In May 1999 the Council of the European Union invited the European Commission to strengthen monitoring, evaluation and transparency by setting up a performance-based monitoring system and making an annual report on Community development aid1. One of the actions implementing these recommendations was the creation of the Results-Oriented Monitoring system (ROM).

The first phase of the system was called “conception and set-up of a monitoring system”. It started in January 2000 and lasted for two years. During this time, the ROM system had been developed and thereafter “tested” throughout four geographic regions of EC external cooperation. The TACIS region operated at that time still its own activity based monitoring system, being fully replaced by the ROM system in 2003. As of 2002, the ROM system was extended to all regions and sectors of Community Aid moving into a consolidated phase. ROM activities are executed through a series of operational contracts defined on a geographical basis and fully managed by the relevant Directorate of EuropeAid and DG Enlargement. The role of the coordination which is placed in unit E5 covers technical and budgetary questions. All technical questions that touch the entirety of the system are covered by the coordination such as developments of methodology, modifications in the reporting formats or the ROM database and overall quality assurance.

ROM activities for the 'third generation' 2008-2010 are organised as follows and are managed by EuropeAid Directorates A-F:

• European Neighbourhood Countries;
• Africa, Indian Ocean and South Africa;
• Asia; including Central Asia
• Latin America;
• Centrally Managed Thematic Projects;
• Western Balkans and Turkey (managed by DG Enlargement);
• Caribbean, Pacific, Cuba and OCT's.
   The most important user group of the handbook are still external monitors, contracted to execute the ROM. However, it is not only a practical guide for monitors, it is also useful for the Task Managers in EC Delegations and at the Headquarters as well as for project / programme managers and their staff in the field.

Monitoring interne des projets

Suivi de gestion

Suivi d'indicateurs

Il est difficile de définir de bons indicateurs. Le mieux étant l'ennemi du bien, les projets se voient parfois imposer des indicateurs fort peu réalistes ou du moins dont l'évaluation est particulièrement difficile, ou alors tellement vagues qu'une approche quick and dirty suffit pour s'en débarrasser et passer aux choses sérieuses.

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